What’s Ultimate Workshop?

Ultimate Workshop is a Wedding Cinematography and Photography Workshop organized by Bojan Mitkovski, CEO at ZAGA Production, Award wining Studio for wedding cinematography and Photography.

What makes this workshop different from other workshops?

This workshop covers a wide range of useful tips that relate to your business Studio for wedding cinematography or photography.

Our initial idea is to let you join our world. We invite you to come to the weddings with us and therefore, you can see how things are done in a real situation /weddings/. The second idea is, for you to let us join into your world. In that situation we help you and teach you the best and most professional way to do your wedding. However, in both cases, the work should be done in a discreet and attentive way.

Wedding Cinematography

- Approach to clients’ needs, setting a script for a specific kind of costumers;
- Filming (Movie Photography, using different kind of equipment-steadi, gliders, dollies, cranes, tripod);
- Directing;
- Editing;
- Coloring;
- Post Production;
- and creating a final product.

Wedding Photography

- Photographing;
- Use of  Light;
- Photoshop editing;
- Editing in a different kind of Photo editing programs.
- and creating a final product .

Company Organization Improvement

Marketing and Target Groups

Future Investments

(what to buy and what not to buy - very important)
 We can save you a lot of money.